Finding a genuine church of God is necessary if you truly want to become a mature Christian. Because there are so many churches today, choosing the right one for you and your family can be a very daunting. It is important to note that different churches have different set of beliefs. You should also know that different churches have different vision and mission. Before you select a Christian church for you and your family, it is very important that you take the time to consider some important factors first. The very first thing that you need to think about when choosing a Christian church is whether or not the church truly believes and follow the Holy Bible. If you discover that the Christian church does not truly believe the Bible, then it is time for you to find another one - regardless if they have cool services and countless missions. 

And before you join a particular church, it is necessary that you know what they believe. And apart from checking whether or not the Church truly believes in the Holy Bible, you should also make sure that you check how they look at Jesus Christ, and whether or not they believe in His divinity. The best Christian church out there should help you build a greater and more intimate relationship with God. It is advisable that you select a Christian church that is active in providing community service, evangelism, Bible studies, outreach programs, and other activities that can help the community become better. 

It is also necessary that you check whether or not they have a reputable pastor at Take note to always double check whether or not their pastor is qualified to teach the word of God. It is also best that you find churches that have pastors who have finished Bible or Theology courses from a reputable seminary or Bible school. The pastor of the church should be well-equipped with the word of God. It is a good idea that you know the background history of the pastor or his track record. 


Aside from checking the background history of the Corvallis House of Worship pastor, you also need to make sure that the church has a good and positive environment. Try to observe what are the attitude or the behavior of the church members. Bear in mind that a true Church of God should have kind, responsible, merciful, gentle, and honest members. You need to make sure that you feel safe and at ease when inside the church. Make sure that the church believes in Jesus Christ and the salvation that is found in him. The best church for you is the one that can give you more joy, peace, and love through Jesus Christ.